Dear Itty Bitty Parents,

Congratulations to you and your family for registering for our 21st annual Itty Bitty T-Ball season!  Before the season begins, we want to give you a little bit of information about our goals and what to expect for the upcoming season.  This league is designed as an instructional pre-little league activity.  It is a fundraising event for the TCHS Titan Baseball team.  The coaches are the actual baseball players from the high school team who receive  community service hours towards their graduation requirements for their efforts.

The average age of our team players is 3 years old.  We do have some participants that are older if we can accommodate for safety.  The bases are 35’ away.  The game lasts two innings and this takes approximately 45 minutes.  Before each game, every team will take a pre-game infield so each child will have a chance to field a ground ball.  Every child bats in the inning and gets a single, regardless where the ball actually lands. The last batter in the inning hits a home run and circles the bases. At some point during the season all of the players will hit a home run.   When batting, the players are to sit on their assigned space (carpet square) and are not permitted to swing a bat until they are told by their coaches to do so.  A coach will be positioned at each base to assist the players in their base running.  When in the field, the coaches will position the fielders in relative positions.  We request that only coaches, not parents, enter the field.  We want to teach the kids how to be away from mom and dad for a moment.  If your child is a little anxious please let us know and we will take it slow.  Once the ball is hit we will try to have only one child field the ball to try and avoid pileups but we are not always successful.  Once the ball is fielded we have the player attempt to throw the ball to first base.  The runner is always safe.  If time permits and the players are willing we may play a third inning.

We sincerely look forward to meeting you and your family Sunday, January 26th at our Opening Day events.

Here are a few frequently asked questions:

How much does it cost to play Itty Bitty Tee-Ball?

The registration cost is $95.00.

When is Opening Day?

Opening Ceremonies will be held on January 26, 2020 at TCHS.

What happens at Opening Day?

There will be a check in desk for each team and we will verify information.  You will be given a schedule and player information card for closing ceremonies.  Your player will be given their uniform and escorted to the appropriate field where they will meet their coaches and go through some basic training in a one inning scrimmage.

We will also review the rules and parents will be able to ask questions.

Are we allowed to bring coolers and tents?

Yes and we encourage the use of our snack bar which will have a variety of food, snacks and drinks available.  Snack bar profits go to our scholarship fund.  We ask that you help keep the field clean by using the trash cans around the field.

When are games and practices scheduled?
All games and practices are scheduled on Sundays.  Please check the website ( or the Itty Bitty Baseball Facebook page for our current schedule and times.  Please check the website each week for updates.

Please be on time each week.

Where do we park?
Parking is available on campus in designated parking areas.  This in front of the big gym, in front of the football fields and on the side of the school.  Parking is NOT allowed on any of our playing fields.

​​​Do we accept late sign ups?
Yes, we will accommodate as our uniform inventory will allow.

Is there a special schedule for picture day?
Yes, please check the website ( for details.

What happens in the event of rain?
Coaches will make the official call on rainy days based on the safety of the fields.  All notifications will be posted on our website or Facebook page.  BE SURE TO CHECK the website before games.    We will update as soon as we are able.  

Are there make up days for rain outs?
Yes, there are possible dates scheduled for make up games which may include a double header day.  If there is more than one rain-out we may not be able to hold a make up for the second day.

When are closing ceremonies?

Closing ceremonies will be held on March 8, 2020 at TCHS.

What are closing ceremonies?
Right after our last schedules game, each team will go into the varsity field dugouts.  Each player will be introduced over the PA system, will run the bases on the varsity field and receive a medal upon completing a home run.  We need all parents to fill out the player information card during opening ceremonies.  It is the information on the player card that will help create medals and introduce the player over the PA system during Closing Ceremonies.

If you have any additional questions please send an email to

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